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El entierro

El entierro

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North America


Ghosts are part of our oral tradition. Some people say that if you are Latino, you or someone you know has seen or experienced a ghost event. When we get together with our friends and cousins, we love to tell stories about ghosts that we have heard. We believe them and we feel them. 

This story is inspired by all the stories I heard growing up in Colombia (and the ghosts I saw). It has many "real" elements that may seem fictional to some. This is a very engaging story written for third year Spanish students. It has a glossary at the end, organized by chapter.

Synopsis: "Amalia Mosquera is a young nurse who has just rented an old house in town. She quickly realizes that she is not the only one living in the house. There is someone else, who follows her everywhere and won't leave her alone. Will she be able to live in that house for long? Or will she get tired and leave quickly, like everyone who has lived there before?

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