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Colombia is a country with a very varied topography, but more than half of the country is mountainous. In many parts of the country, transportation is scarce, which has made the bicycle a very popular means of getting around, as it is fast and economical. 

The bicycle as a means of transportation is especially popular in the mountains, where most of the "beetles" come from: professional Colombian cyclists, specialists in climbing mountains.

The "Beetles" are born and grow up in mountains with heights higher than two thousand meters above sea level (where oxygen levels are lower, and the body gets used to managing oxygen in a more efficient way). They develop the ability to climb naturally from an early age. For them, climbing is a way of life. This book was inspired by a Colombian cyclist: RIGO - a man who embodies the resilience that is part of being Colombian. It doesn't matter how many times we fall; what matters is that we always get back up. "Winning is something that is different for each person. Coming first is not always winning. For many, arriving, even if it is last, is already a very important victory. We cannot judge a book by its cover, nor a person by an award (or lack thereof). Each of us runs their own race under different circumstances. Each life makes the path that each person must travel different".

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