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I was raised on CUMBIA like any other Colombian. This music runs through our veins, igniting our spirits and grounding us in our roots. It's the rhythm of our joy, our unity, our identity.

Cumbia embodies mestizaje, a fusion of people, histories, and traditions that birthed this enchanting beat, transcending borders and belonging to all who embrace it across Latin America.

This book is a journey into the origins and significance of CUMBIA, a tale woven with simplicity yet rich in vibrancy, reflecting the love and diversity it represents. It's crafted for the young and the young at heart, inviting readers to explore not just the music, but their own cultural heritage.


With only 93 family words and 21 cognates, it's a gateway to both CUMBIA and the Spanish language, making learning a celebration of culture.

The book includes a complete Spanish-English glossary.

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