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El Cóndor de los Andes

El Cóndor de los Andes

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North America


It is an engaging and inspiring story written for Spanish 4 students. It is the perfect novel to read with your level 3-4 classes, AP Spanish classes as well as IB Spanish classes. It's based on real events, which makes it very appealing, but it's woven into a very compelling story that will touch your heart. 

It has a lot of cultural components, and since it deals with a relevant and current topic, you can find a lot of authentic support materials online (songs, news reports, videos) that you can use along with the book. It has a glossary organized by chapter, which helps students find words more easily.

Synopsis: "Often, the difficult things in life are what help us get ahead. This is an inspiring story, based on real events, of a Colombian cyclist who went very far despite the many difficulties he faced along the way".

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