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El camino del café

El camino del café

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North America


It is an engaging and inspiring story written for Spanish 4 students. It is the perfect novel to read with your Level 4, AP and IB Spanish classes. It will take you around the world and show you the journey coffee beans took before arriving in this beautiful country where they could finally reach their perfect state. 

By the end of the novel, your knowledge of coffee and the way you appreciate it will definitely change. This novel has many cultural components that will bring students closer to the coffee culture in Colombia. It has an alphabetical glossary of common expressions that are part of our everyday language.

Synopsis: "For decades, Colombian coffee has been considered the best and mildest in the world. According to experts, its beans have the perfect characteristics. But where does coffee come from and how did it get to Colombia? "This is a wonderful story that will take the reader on an adventure around the world, showing them El camino del café.

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