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Es posible soñar

Es posible soñar

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North America


Graffiti as a form of urban art and responsible tourism are the themes around which this inspiring story revolves.

Carlos was born and raised in Comuna 13, a neighborhood in the city of Medellín. 

This neighborhood, despite its violent past, reinvented itself through art and became a tourist destination visited by locals and foreigners alike. In this story we see that we always have the possibility to rewrite our lives, and that what once defined us does not have to define us forever.

The book uses VOSEO, which is how we speak in the city of Medellín. In Spanish grammar, voseo is the use of VOS as a second person singular pronoun. This pronoun requires a special conjugation in verbs. In many regions of Latin America and Colombia, vos is used instead of tú. The alternative is to use the pronoun YOU, which is known as tuteo. Countries where voseo is used: Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, regions of Bolivia, regions of Colombia, regions of Venezuela, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, and Costa Rica, among others.

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