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Le trésor

It is a very compelling story written for third year French students. It takes place in the south of France, in a city known for its treasures and mysteries: Rennes-le-Château. The story of Blanche (the main character) and her dog is inspired by the places and stories of this village. It has a glossary at the back of the book, organized by chapters, which facilitates reading.

This book was originally written in Spanish and was translated and adapted into French by two French teachers, one of them from France.

Le trésor

Synopsis: "Blanche Dupont is a young museum curator who has just rented an old house in a small French village. She soon realizes that she is not the only one living in the house. She begins to feel the presence of someone in the house and has the feeling that she is being watched. How long will she be able to live in the house? Will she flee the house as quickly as all those who lived there before her? "

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