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¿Qué dijiste?

¿Qué dijiste?

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This book was inspired by a true story. It is the story of Luis, a young man with hearing problems.

"This book is based on real situations that have happened to me in my life. One day, while talking to the author, I saw an opportunity to share my experiences and limitations with other people. She was able to capture my words and emotions and put them into the form of a story. 

By sharing these experiences, I want people who have similar conditions (hearing loss) to realize that they are not alone, and I want people who do not have a disability to realize that the world is not only seen through your eyes and heard through your ears. We are all affected by things in different ways and that is important to understand." ATB.

With about 6000 words and 328-word families + 121 cognates, it is a perfect book for Spanish 3 students.

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