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North America

Teresita is a powerful story about an Afro-Colombian pianist from Medellín, Colombia. It is about intersectionality and music, and how one woman changed the classical music landscape of a country.

She is a revolutionary woman who fought alone, with her piano and her music, to bring classical music, traditionally reserved for the urban elite, to all social classes.

Teresita broke stereotypes, defied norms and challenged the system. With her music, she opened doors for many others to enter after her. The world of classical music in Medellín and Colombia has a before and an after Teresita Gómez. She taught us that "music is stronger than racism".


With 414-word families and 155 cognates, Teresita is the inspiring story of a revolutionary woman who fought with her piano and her music against a racist and classist society that could not imagine that a person like her could have access to classical music.

Revolutionaries: The women you should know about Latin America from colonization to the present.


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